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BVS Labs Verify Android Application
Dear Customers, We publised BVS Labs Android application. You can download it free and verify all your BVS Labs Products.
Click here to download our android app.

July, 16, 2017

New Design for Injectable Series
Dear Customers, We changed our injectable products' design. All new injectable products come with new product box, new label and new security points. You can check Authenticity page to see new security points and check Products page for images.

July, 15, 2017

New Injectable Stacks
We started to produce CutBlend (Propionate100-Masteron100-Trenbolone100 mix, FirstBlend (Boldenone200-Enanthate250 mix), MassBlend (Decanoate200-Enanthate250 mix) and HardBlend (Trenbolone200-Enanthate250 mix)

July, 15, 2017

New Tablet Series!
Dear Customers, we produced new BVS Labs oral tablet Steroid Series. Oxandrolone 20, Oxymetholone 50, Turanabol 20, Dianabol 20,
Winstrol 20, Methyltestosterone 25 and Sildenafil 20 (sexual health) are delivered to dealers. All products packed as 100 tablets. Best regards.

May, 05, 2016

Fake Brand Notice 2!
Dear Customers, we registered the domain name of the name similarity fake Brand BVSLAB is not our official website. We published fake BVSLAB and Original BVSLABS products and differences at that domain name. Best regards.

Nov, 21, 2015

Fake Brand Notice!
Dear Customers, A name similarity fake Brand BVSLAB is in market. They are not related with us. Our Brand name is BVSLABS. They use same box, label design, same colors for products with us. There are clear differences between fake products and original BVS LABS products. We use different QR Codes for each products. Please do not buy without QRCode products. QRCodes placed at out of box. Also Please take care Product verification and be sure that your product is not checked before. Best regards.

Nov, 20, 2015

Database Construction!
Dear Customers, We had a construction on our database so there was a problem to verify products between 26th of March and 28th of March 2014. Sorry for the problem. Best regards.

Mar, 28, 2014

New Website design for New Year.
We have changed our website design. There is no change at product verification system. We wish a best new year for all our customers. Best Regards.

Dec, 31, 2013

QR Code Problem for Decanoate 200
There is a QR Code verification problem for 500vials of Decanoate 200. Please try to verify your product with Product number if QR Code doesn't work.

Nov, 15, 2013

BVS Labs Peptide Series
We started to produce IGF-1 LR3, Melanotan 2, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin, Ipomarelin, Sermorelin. They will be ready to sale next month on market.

Aug, 12, 2013

BVSomatropin (HGH)
We started to produce Human Growth Hormone (somatropin). It is ready to sale on market.

Jul, 10, 2013

Product Verification Changes!
We have some changes on product verification system so we cleared all old datas.

Dec, 1, 2012

Product Box and prospectus
All BVS Labs products have own product box with hologram and own QRCode labels. There is also own prospectus in box.

Nov, 22, 2012

New Vials
We changed our vial size and types for injectable products.

Nov, 11, 2012

New Products!
We started to produce Undecanoate 250, Parabol 100, Trenbolone 200 and Winstrol 100.

Feb, 18, 2012

New Products!
We started to produce T3 and Tamoxifen tablets.

Aug, 11, 2011

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May, 9, 2011