About Us

Who we were, who we are now?

BVS Labs was founded in January of 2008 with 5 employees. We currently employ over 50 people, with expectations to continued yearly growth. In spite of our growth rate, we continue to maintain satisfaction from both clients and regulatory agencies. We have no customer complaints on file and had never received a 483 during FDA inspections. We strive to raise the bar for industry by being the premier contract laboratory for accurate and reliable results, regulatory compliance, and cost effective pricing.

BVS Labs Services Growth Calandar

Year 2008: Organic Synthesis
Year 2009: Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbiology Laboratory
Year 2010: Quality Assurance, Veterinary Drugs
Year 2011: Raw Materials Testing, Gynaecological Drugs, Thyroid Drugs
Year 2012: Anti Cancer Medicines, Steroids & Hormones
Year 2013: Hgh & Peptides
Year 2016: Oral Steroid Series
Year 2016: Sold 200.000 Vials Injectable Steroids in 4 years